Christmas Elfie Selfie Photo Booth Kit

Get your 'Elf' on this Christmas with this pretty 'Elftastic' Elfie Selfie photo booth kit! Whether you want to add a bit of Elf to the office party, the school playground or over the dinner table, this Elfie Selfie Kit, although small, is bursting with festive fun! Each handy kit includes 20 Elf related disguises and props, from stripy hats and pointy ears, to beards, collars and signs to hold up when capturing your perfect Elfie Selfie... So grab a prop and strike a pose!! This kit is a great Secret Santa and Stocking Filler present. You can also add a personalised flag to make it extra special! If you're wanting to add even more fun to the festive season, please check out our full Christmas range, with everything from decorations and tableware to little extras and complete party boxes!

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