Christmas Lucky Dip Advent Calendar / Pass The Parcel


Surprise & Delight with this Lucky Dip Advent Calendar / Pass the Parcel in a Box, bursting with goodies to celebrate the countdown to Christmas!

Celebrate the countdown to Christmas a little differently this year with a personalised Lucky Dip Advent Calendar in a Box! Or delight festive house guests with a totally unique pass the parcel, where everyone can pull out a surprise Christmas treat. Each box is bursting with 24 surprises, one for each day of advent or a house full of guests, making each day or turn as exciting as Christmas day itself. The box is tied with a big ribbon and personalised with a lovely wooden tag ready to unwrap and start dipping into, through a hand sized hole on the top of the box. Each box is filled with heaps of colourful confetti, streamers, and prizes, suitable for both children and adults, male or female. Examples of treats inside include, hats, jokes, photo props, temporary tattoos, decorations, stickers, balloons etc. Made from: Cardboard box, ribbon and the contents varies.

All Lucky Dip Advent Calendars will be dispatched on 15th November 2017, along with the rest of your order. Please let us know if you wish to receive the rest of your order earlier.

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