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Any Message Christmas Advent Calendar House


Home is where the heart is. Give an advent calendar that comes from the heart and that's totally unique to you and the recipient. Whether you want to fill your advent calendar home with messages of love or date night ideas, family friendly jokes or fun activities to do together, I Owe Yous or 'Do Good' community challenges, this advent calendar is as versatile as you want it to be and perfect for any age, gender or lifestyle. List out 23/24 messages to appear behind the different doors and windows, place a physical gift inside the house to be revealed on Christmas Eve.

Each house also comes with 3 little scene setters so the house makes a lovely decoration as well as an advent calendar. It also makes a great Christmas Eve box too!

Ideas for content include:

- A treasure hunt - Clues can be revealed behind the doors and windows and the prizes are hidden around the house or garden.

- Date nights - Different date night ideas to do that day/evening, this could be something as simple as a snuggle on the sofa to a slap up meal out.

- Family Activities - A different activity to enjoy together every day, from baking and making cards to carol singing and late night shopping

- Do Good - Fill the advent calendar with different 'do good' challenges, from picking up litter and giving a hug to baking for an elderly neighbour.

- Positivity - Create a house full of positive messages and affirmations, daily compliments and notes of gratitude.

- Fitness - A fitness challenge day to making eating all those mince pies even more enjoyable.

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