Posted on 2018-03-15

During March we have been taking party in March Meet The Maker, a 31 day Instagram Challenge set by the wonderful Joanne Hawker with an aim for us makers and small business owners to show the world what we do! WeYou can read all about the challenge here. At the start of the challenge, we were given the following prompts. I will list all our posts throughout the month.

March 1st 2018 • #MarchMeetTheMaker • Day 1 • YOU

Today is the start of March Meet The Maker, a 31 day instagram challenge set by @joannehawker that runs throughout March. #MarchMeetTheMaker Day 1 // YOU. I’m Rose (in the middle, on the right) founder of Postbox Party but this is the little team that makes it all happen. We create and curate parties for all occasions, adding unique and personal touches wherever we can! The team includes (left to right) Freya, Gemma, Me and Lianna... can you spot our little helper, Charlie, too? :) #postboxparty #partyshop #personalisedparty #bespokeparty

March 2nd 2018 • #MarchMeetTheMaker • Day 2 • WHERE

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 2 // WHERE. We are based in the Northamptonshire countryside in a village called Spratton. We are surrounded by fields and currently lots of snow! That’s me and our party dog, Bean taking in the views. #northamptonshire #partyshop #partysupplies #northantsbusiness #smallbusiness #ruralbusiness #fsb #partybusiness #postboxparty

March 3rd 2018 • #MarchMeetTheMaker • Day 3 • HOW YOU STARTED

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 3 // HOW YOU STARTED. Postbox Party was born from my love of parties mixed with the skills I had gained through my studies and work as a designer and art director. As far back as I can remember I have loved a good party - especially one with a theme and even better, one which required fancy dress!! Here I am, 5 years old, in Trinidad’s biggest party, The Carnival... dressed as a vegetable!!!

March 4th 2018 • #MarchMeetTheMaker • Day 4 • FAVOURITE TO MAKE

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 4 // FAVOURITE TO MAKE. It’s hard to choose but currently I’d say it’s our printed bags! With Easter on the horizon we’ve already been busy with orders for Easter hunt and Easter gift bags... which are adding some much needed springtime to these snowy days. This bag comes with a choice of pastel ears and gold foil personalisation, it’s so pretty! We make gift and party bags for all occasions including totally bespoke designs and corporate bags too!

March 5th 2018 • #MarchMeetTheMaker • Day 5 • WORKSPACE

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 5 // PHOTOGRAPHY. Most of our products are shot within this little makeshift photo booth we have set up in the studio. We use a DSLR, some lights, a back drop and a wooden pallet... and of course Lianna, the awesome lady behind the camera who helps us out a few days a month!

March 6th 2018 • #MarchMeetTheMaker • Day 6 • PHOTOGRAPHY

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 6 // WORKSPACE. As I’ve been rushing around like a crazy lady today (and not at all because the place was a mess) I didn’t manage to get a shot of our workspace. So instead, here is our studio from the outside looking in, during the snow last week ⛄️ #lovemyspace #officespace #studiospace #northantsbusiness #northamptonshire #northamptonbusinesses #smallbusiness #postboxparty #ourspace #lightspaces #daylight #positivity #optimisticvibes #ruralbusiness #sunlight #snowday #workspace #marchmeetthemaker

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