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Pastel Pink Tissue Paper Pom Poms


Add depth and charm to any room with these three pastel hanging fluffy pom pom’s. Each pretty pom pom colour adds an air of pastel elegance, hang all together or separatley. Make an impact in your space by scattering them high above the dining table, create an arrangement to highlight the dance floor or simply use them to glam up any corner of the house or nursery. Ideal for adding style to your wedding, hen party, baby shower, christening, or any other celebratory occasion. Top Tip: We recommend hanging in bunches of three or five and mixing up the colours and textures too for extra depth. The pack of 3 pom pom’s consists of 3 large different sizes: Blush 15", Warm Grey 12", Mink 10" Each pack comes with instructions on how to fluff the pom pom's.