Personalised Emoji-Ball


Prepare to be 'Totes-Emosh' with these personalised Emoji Balls of happiness, love and mega lolz! 

Whether you want to share a little happiness, make someone laugh or show them your endless love, these emoji-balls are the perfect solution. Pick from one of three emotions - happiness, Love or Laughter... then tell us your messages and we'll do the rest! Inside each Emoji-ball are layer upon layer of messages and treats for your loved one to unwrap and smile, laugh or feel the love! Each ball has 3 personalised messages and 4 treats wrapped in amongst the layers. In the heart of your emoji-ball is a final personalised message, perfect for signing off with something special! An example of the treats include temporary tattoos, sweets, balloons, stickers, fortune fish and many more, the messages are entirely up to you... so make them as happy, funny or as loved up as you want! Or if you really can't think of what to say choose our standard emoji-ball option where we will fill your ball with lovely messages, happy thoughts or funny jokes, depending on which emoji-ball you choose.

Free gift box and confetti with every order! 

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