You make my heart POP!

Posted on 2018-02-14

Happy Valentine’s Day you lovely lot!

Today I surprised the girls at Postbox Party HQ with a balloon filled with lots of love, a really fun and easy way to celebrate the day of Lurve. Here’s How.

You will need

1 x Balloon (heart shaped if possible but not essential) - Take a look at our balloons 

A handful of confetti - Take a look at our confetti 

A little note, personal to the recipient


Inside the deflated balloon insert the folded up love note, confetti and any other small additional treats you’d like to include (some love heart sweets, mini chocolates… or even a diamond ring). Inflate the balloon with air or helium, knot and tie with a ribbon. On a piece of card or paper write a message to your loved one, for example ‘You make my heart go pop’ and attach the pin. Give your Valentine both the card with attached pin and the balloon and get popping!

After the fun of the pop and the showering of confetti, your note and any other treats will be revealed. A quick and easy way to bring a smile to their day!

Lots of Love Rose x

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