DIY Tissue Flower Bonnet

Keep the kids busy, or have a crafting session with friends, by making this super simple and fun DIY Tissue Flower Bonnet!


You will need:

A straw hat

Colourful tissue paper cut into 5 equal rectangles

Florist Wire


  1. Concertina the tissue paper into a fan, then secure with florist wire around the middle, leaving the stalks long enough to attach the flower to your hat.
  2. Next, cut rounded or pointed edges on both ends of the fan
  3. Open out the fan and start pulling each tissue paper layer into the centre of your flower. Repeat on the opposite side.
  4. Once you are happy with your flower, push the stalk of the wire into your straw hat and back out again to secure it in place and avoid any sharp edges inside the hat.
  5. Keep adding as many flowers as you want and be as creative as you like with the colours!