Pin The Nose On The Reindeer Game


Enjoy a festive twist to a classic game with this Pin the Nose on the Reindeer fun Christmas activity, perfect for the whole family!

Easy to set up, simply stick the reindeer poster to a flat wall and give each member of the party a numbered nose sticker, pop the reindeer blindfold onto the brave first volunteer, spin them around and watch as they try to stick the nose onto Rudolf. The player who gets their nose closest to the target wins, rewarded with a snazzy winner’s sticker to be worn with pride for the rest of the day. Each nose sticker can be reused, which is ideal if you have a large party, ensuring everyone can have a go and join in with the fun!

Each pack includes 2x winner stickers, 1x reindeer blindfold, 1x reindeer poster (70cm x 57cm) and 2x sets of 12 numbered nose stickers.

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Dimensions30 × 20 × 3 cm

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