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Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers! Use these ideas to create a Valentine's Day the whole family can enjoy together.

Make a meal of it

Get everyone involved in cooking up a delicious 3 course meal for the family, by getting each person to choose a course to create! Group together if there is more than three of you, too many cooks don’t spoil the broth in this kitchen!

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Acts of kindness

As a family, do something nice for someone who needs it. It could be calling someone who’s on their own to see how they are, baking biscuits for someone having a tough time, or donating items to a local foodbank.

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Secret Cupid

Add a Valentine’s twist to the usual festive Secret Santa game. Put every family member’s name in a jar, then pick one name out each at random and keep it a secret. Make, or buy, a small gift for the person you picked to help spread the love!

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