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Personalised Family Fun Christmas Advent Calendar House


Home is where the heart is. Give an advent calendar that comes from the heart and filled with things to do with the family.

Whether you choose to fill your advent calendar with activities to do as a family, funny jokes or positive messages to one another this Home advent calendar can be truly unique, fun and full of love for all the family. Simply tell us what you would like behind all the doors and windows of your home and we will do the rest! You can even pop a physical present inside the house for your loved ones to open on the last day. (If you choose to do this, the message behind door 24 could instruct them to discover the gift).

All your text will be positioned behind the doors so on each day a member of your family can discover what you have chosen for that particular day. Each house has been beautifully designed and printed with white ink on durable craft card. The house is also a box and so can store surprise gifts inside, double up as a christmas eve box or use for old christmas cards, decorations or keepsakes long after the festivities are over.

2020 has been difficult for most and made us all realise the importance of family time, this advent calendar can help us continue to encourage spending this time together, whilst having fun and building up the excitement to Christmas day.

Examples of family activities to do together - Watch a Christmas Movie, Make Hot Chocolate, Make some Christmas cards and send to family, Bake some mince pies, Write a letter to Santa, Play hide and seek, Decorate the tree, Wrap up warm and go for a walk, Visit Santa's grotto, Wrap some presents, Toast marshmallows, Play a board game.

Examples of family jokes (Write the joke and tell them the punch line) - J: Why was the snowman looking through the carrots? A: He was picking his nose. J: What do snowmen wear on their heads? A: Ice Caps. J: What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? A: A Christmas Quacker

Examples of positive family messages - We think you are brilliant, We think you are one smart cookie, We are so proud of you, We know you will do good things, You are so kind, We love you.

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